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Welcome to my website!

I'm not sure I've grown out of my childhood yet... At least my wife doesn't think so! Besides being a husband, I'm a dad of three (now older) kids. I loved reading books to them at bedtime during their formative years - several were a "must read" EVERY SINGLE NIGHT and it was this experience that has given me the impetus to write (hopefully!) engaging children's books.

As a professional writer, I try to entertain both parents and kids at the same time, similar to some of todays' animated movies. Some are educational, some are just plain nonsense, some have value-based messages, but they all entertain and have kids wanting to read them again and again, proof of a good book!

Meet JT Meet JT Meet JT

My Books

Pufferfish Adventures / Mike Saves the Day

Pufferfish Adventures / Mike Saves the Day

Mike is a pufferfish with self-image issues. He has friends, but being a pufferfish is a lonely prospect for Mike...until something happens that changes everything...

Octopus!  Things You Don't Know

Octopus! Things You Don't Know

Kids will love learning about one of the coolest creatures of the sea! This fact-filled rhyming thriller about the octopus will amaze both you and your children! Click the "Read More" link to be able to purchase.

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The Great Pirate Mystery

The Great Pirate Mystery

Johnny wakes up everyday and finds that things keep disappearing...and he knows that it's Pirates. Follow Johnny in this rhyming fun adventure as he solves the case of The Great Pirate Mystery! Soon to be published!

Dogs Are Great

Dogs Are Great

This is a heart-warming tail (intentional!) that uses our best friend as your teacher. Kids learn great values and how to be a good person through the eyes of dogs.

Shark!  Things You Don't Know

Shark! Things You Don't Know

This is an engaging and delightful way to introduce sharks to your kids! You may be surprised by all the fun facts there are about sharks.'ll both learn from this rhyming adventure.

Do Bed Bugs Bite?

Do Bed Bugs Bite?

This funny short story answers this question and takes us to the land of nod…or does it? When Jimmy finds himself alone in his bed, his mind wanders to the horrors of bed bugs and their notorious bite…

Cats Are Great

Cats Are Great

This is a heart-warming tail (intentional!) using cats as your teacher. Your kids will learn the value of relationships through our feline friends.

Pufferfish Adventures / Mike is Missing

Pufferfish Adventures / Mike is Missing

All is good in the sea until it's not! Mike the pufferfish is missing! Follow along with his parents' journey as they search for their little fish while getting a little help from their friends.


Amazon Review - Vine Voice:

Amazing! Just love it! The book is entirely devoted to the octopus, written in beautiful rhyme, with beautiful illustrations about the bottom of the see and how the octopus lives... A wonderful book for kids.

Amazon Review - Anastasiia:

"Ohhh it was definitely a sweet read! I bought this book for my younger cousin and I saw sincerely happiness in her eyes... it is funny and will give you and your child positive emotions. I'm sure you will reread it! Highly recommended"

S. Radhakrishnan:

"This is such a beautifully written story. It’s a fun read and it also teaches lot of facts on Octopus. My 4 year old, can’t get enough of it and she reads it everyday."

Amazon Review - Katherine:

My Kids Loved It! "We read Octopus! before bed tonight and both my kids (1 and 3) adored it. The story was fun and the pictures kept them laughing. My daughter asked for an encore. This is going to be a favorite in my household! Thank you for a wonderful story."

Editorial Review - Readers' Favorite:

"... Mike is the perfect protagonist; he is nice, real and very believable. The author has done an amazing job at making the story interesting for both children and the parents who are reading it to them. Mike’s struggles are natural, never dramatic and always relatable. The illustrations are beautiful and perfect for keeping children entertained and giving them a perspective of what is happening. This is a wholesome book, one that children will enjoy immensely as a bedtime story and beg parents to read it one more time. An absolute gem!"

Editorial Review - Readers' Review:

"... Hobbs’ story is a grand selection for story hour but it’s also suitable for a young reader to try on their own. Michael Terry’s bright and cheerful illustrations help make the reading experience both fun and exciting, and the aquatic background for this story is fabulous. Pufferfish Adventures: Mike Saves the Day is most highly recommended."

Editorial Review - Readers' Review:

"This is a highly engaging story, filled with wonderful color-filled pictures that almost jump off the page. The writing style is smooth, well thought out and soothing to read. But the message is far more important for the young reader than a simple fun story... this is the type of story that readers will want to read repeatedly because of the professional artwork and the entertainment it provides. Although written for younger readers, I think older kids even up to middle grades (where comparisons really start kicking in) who read this can receive a positive reinforcement that it’s okay to be exactly who they are. Highly recommended."


  • Duvall, Washington, United States